Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Virginia Beach Steel Pier Classic Surf Art Show

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of exhibiting at the Steel Pier Classic Surf Art Show. Jill Beninato from and her husband Chris lent me their LightDome tent, helped me set it up, and even came down on the first day to give me a hand and provide some pointers. As always, my family gave their full support helping with the loading and unloading. I had an absolute blast, seeing friends that I haven't talked to in years (in some cases  decades!), making new friends, selling several prints, and getting a feel for how to manage a show.

We were lucky that Mother Nature blessed us with some beautiful weather, sunny and 85 for all 3 days. I did manage a slight burn on day one but that is what happens when you forget to sunscreen your face at a beach event. Good thing it wore off by day two.

Sales were good; however, they did not compare to the incredible feeling of watching people stop in their tracks and simply utter the single syllable "WOW!" I must have heard it a hundred times. Those Bay Photo Metal prints are stunning. The greatest compliment that I received was from a couple that had just moved down from Buffalo, NY. For the last 20-years they have attended 30 - 40 art shows a year. The husband told me that he thought that he had seen it all until he stopped in my booth and was speechless at the beauty of my work. That alone made all of the hard work and preparation worth while.

Special thanks to Jodie Woodward and her crew for pulling it all together. It was fun show and I'm looking forward to returning next year.