Monday, November 1, 2010

Wicked 10k, Crutches, and Apple

Happy belated Halloween everyone! On Saturday I hobbled down to the ocean front to photograph the Wicked 10k, an awesome J&A -hosted 6.2-mile race where most of the competitors dress up in some insanely creative costumes. I've received several emails requesting when I was going to post the photos on my my website for sale. Well, it is going to be a couple of weeks due to a couple of reasons.

As most of you know, I had surgery on my left ankle last week to remove an accessory navicular bone that was tearing into a tendon. For added measure, I went ahead and had another cut made to loosen my calf muscle which had tightened up from years of correcting for the extra bone in my foot. So how does this impact my schedule? Well for the last 8-weeks I've been recuperating at Liz's with limited access to my home-based workstation. Good news is that I will hopefully be walking again in 2-weeks!!! Let's just hope I'm patient enough not to try running the next day!

The second reason is that my trusty Velocity Micro pc is giving up the ghost (no Halloween pun intended). It has lasted an incredible 6-years but is beginning to degenerate as software becomes more advanced. After weighing my options, I've decided to jump ship and drink the Apple Kool-aid. That's right - I have a new 27" Apple iMac waiting to be unboxed! I'm not the most technical person on the planet (often having trouble setting the clock on my truck stereo) but I'm pretty excited about this one. The monitor alone rocks. I've been doing all of my photo processing on 19" monitor. The 27" will give a lot more real estate while also providing crystal clear picture. It may not sound like much but with a few hundred photos to sort through from Saturday, it will make an incredible difference.

In a couple of weeks, I should be posting the photos from the Wicked 10k showing a lot of the wonderful silliness that took place. I appreciate you're patience!