Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jamie and Joe

Last year I met Jamie while playing on a kickball team in Va Beach (I know I'm still a kid at heart!) and a month ago she emailed me about shooting her and her fiance Joe's wedding in May. They will be getting married in the Outer Banks on the beach which should post challenges of its own. Jamie asked if I wouldn't mind shooting their portrait seeing that they had no photos of the two them together and I thought it would be a great idea.

Turns out that the only day we had available was the weekend following one of the worst Nor'easters that the beach had seen. The weatherman advised that Saturday afternoon should be clearing so we pushed forward with our plans. I scrapped the beach location and ask my friend Sara if she wouldn't mind us using her house instead. At 3:00, the clearing was all but non-existent with heavy gray skies and cold drizzly mist. Not the optimum conditions for a shoot; however, we made the best of it.

Jamie and Joe were probably the easiest couple that I have had the pleasure of photographing and they were definitely troopers for putting up with the conditions. For those interested in the setup, I had my assistant holding a Nikon SB-900 with a 42" shoot-thru umbrella attached to a monopod.

Considering the conditions, I was pleased with the outcome.

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halite said...

Lovely work. Like the casual, but aesthetically pleasing hand posing.