Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great Senior Portrait Advice from J. K. Mann!

It is not often that I post twice in one day. Let's be honest, I have trouble posting 2 days in a row so it must be something worthwhile to get me to do so! Jeff Mann just posted a great article on his site regarding tips on taking senior portraits that I feel will be beneficial to photographers of all levels.

Photo courtesy of JKMann Photography

Jeff has perfected the art of the senior portrait and it is awesome that he is willing to openly share some of his techniques on location selection, lighting, posing, and camera settings in what can be a competitive field. He has a gift for seeing great portraits before ever clicking the shutter and his images have become a standard by which portraits are measured in the Digital Grin community. It probably helps that he has a beautiful family to practice with on a regular basis.

Photo courtesy of JKMann Photography

After reading the article, take a moment and peruse his galleries. I believe that you will be impressed with not only his portrait work but also his other images. Jeff has been willing to assist other photographers with his advice and critiques. I know I owe him a lot of credit for the improvements that I have made in my own images. Thank you for sharing Jeff.

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