Friday, August 29, 2008

Inspiring Images

I would love to say that inspiration for images comes naturally to me but truth be told, I think all of us need a little push every now and then to extend ourselves beyond the boundaries that we unintentionally set for ourselves. There are several sources that I look to for inspiration and I'll post these on a regular basis. Here are a few to start. I hope you are awed as much as I am and they help you elevate your photography to new levels.

Erik Almas
Erik's work is nothing short of incredible and he does it all - portrait, fashion, landscapes, lifestyle - with a signature style that rocks. His work defines what I feel is the true art of modern photography, photographs that capture an image as it is perceived by the artist. The viewer can feel the cool wind pushing the sailboat or the warmth of the tropical sun on an island. It is amazing that he can even make a photo of cows in a rough hewn field somehow romantic.

Chris Orwig
Some of you know Chris from Photoshop and Lightroom training videos but have you taken the opportunity to checkout his photography work? It is awesome. The sepia series of famous surfers is some of the best portrait work that I have seen for matching the subjects to the environment in which you would imagine them. In his video's, Chris often gives a small window into his creative thinking. It definitely shows in his work.

Miss Aniela
Since the advent of photography, artist and average Joe's with a camera alike have at some point played with multiple exposures. The digital revolution has expanded the possibilities to unbelievable lengths. The best I have seen by far are the Anielas, multiple clones of Miss Aniela. I'm simply blown away by how amazing her images are. The photography is exceptional and the post processing is perfect. It is hard to believe that any of these images are not a single photograph.

Well that's it for this evening. I have to go back to stressing over the fact that in less than 48 hours I somehow have to run 13 miles. Hopefully sometime during this weekend I'll get the chance to click the shutter a couple of times before I am unable to walk! :-)


joe said...

Hey Travis, I love your profile photo. Looks like the Pink Floyd album cover for Ummagumma! Good job... Joe

Shannon said...

A dude named Travis and this lady inspire me.

Good Luck on Sunday!

Travis Owney Photography said...

Thanks for the link to Blue Lilly Shannon. Her stuff is great. I'll have to add that site the next inspiration post.

Travis Owney Photography said...

Joe thanks for comp! Funny thing is that the one band I never could stand was Pink Floyd. Go figure. I think it has something to do with me sneaking into see The Wall when I was 13....